The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) and the China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA) have formed a relationship which stands as a model "U.S.-Sino Cooperative Platform,” promoting and facilitating innovative bi-national efforts against cancer.

NFCR President Dr. Sujuan Ba with PhIRDA Executive President Mr. Song Ruilin (left) and Director Dr. Li Wenbin in Beijing  

In 2017, the partnership strengthened, as was formalized in a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed at the opening plenary session of the 2017 China BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference (CBIIC), co-hosted by PhIRDA.


PhIRDA Chairman (too Betta Pharmaceuticals Chairman and CEO) Mr. Ding Lieming (left) and NFCR Chairman Mr. Joseph Franlin inking 2017 MOU

The two organizations also partnered at the 2017 CBIIC in organizing and presenting the U.S. Innovative Oncology Companies Roadshow Showcase, featuring nine U.S. cancer technology companies recruited by NFCR, as well as a keynote address by J.P. Morgan.

J.P. Morgan Managing Director of Healthcare Investment Banking Dr. Philip Ross speaking at the 2017 CBIIC Oncology Showcase

They teamed up again most recently in co-hosting the April 13, 2018 China Brain Cancer Mission Round Table in Beijing, a gathering of three-dozen decision makers among premier Chinese, U.S. and Australian industry, philanthropy, clinical, university and investment organizations focused on development of innovative approaches to combat the disease among the three countries.

(clockwise) NFCR President Dr. Sujuan Ba, Eliminate Cancer Initiative Founder (too Fortescue Metals Chairman) Mr. Andrew Forrest and PhIRDA Executive President Mr. Song Ruilin, the Round Table's three co-hosts

The partnership strengthened in late 2018, as the National Foundation for Cancer Research co-hosted the second CBIIC International Oncology Showcase.  This year, NFCR is once again, helping to organize and administer the International Oncology Showcase at CBIIC 2019.


Amir Jafri, current CEO of Immunicom, and Former Head of R&D and M&A at Cardinal Health, speaking at the Oncology Track of CBIIC 2018.

Tina Yu, CEO of Mevion and Managing Partner of Yuanming Capital, speaking at the Oncology Track of CBIIC 2018.


Lynda Chin, Founder of Apricity Health and AVEO Pharma, Founding Chair of the Department of Genomic Medicine at MD Anderson, and Scientific Director of Institute for Applied Cancer Science at MD Anderson.

Alfred Slanetz, CEO of Geneius Biotech, and Former CEO of Bluebird Bio and Former Head of Product Development at Genetech.